Monday, November 9, 2015

Adobe - 2 Years (and a Half) Later - Great Stuff!

So here we are a few years later and Adobe didn't implode!

On the contrary! Adobe is doing just fine and dandy. As a matter of fact, I personally have been using this software collection more and more. Even for things I didn't want to. 

Yes, here we are in 2015. The last post was sometime in 2013 and I have been slacking on the blog so to speak. I know! Here are some updates not just about Adobe, but also about the favorite industry I am in. Yes, you guessed right; the "stock footage industry"

Well, you may already know, or maybe not, but Adobe has bought into this wonderful industry! They bought a little company formerly known as Fotolia. Well, it is still called that with the main difference being that currently on the home page of Fotolia, there is the ever- and infamous Adobe icon. So why do you care? Why do I care? 

Simply put; it's yet another revenue stream for my stock footage biz. Yup... imagine all of my stock footage available from within every app that can use stock footage, photo, illustrations etc. From Adobe of course, and only in the next gen of CC (currently CC2015 - maybe they'll call it CC2016 or something smart like that.) All I can say is YES! This will be super cool. 

So you are reading this and haven't a clue what this all means. I get you. And I have a great solution for you as well to get on board. Hop on over to and get an insider's guide to getting started in this industry. There is even an e-book available over there that can be used as a guide on how to get going in this particular biz. And yes, your's truly is the author. But I must warn you, it was written a couple of years ago, so some data may not be applicable today. I'll give a few examples of what such stuff may be:

1. Camera information - the industry has moved quite fast since the writing of the e-book. Hence, there is no way to keep up with all this. Hence, there is of course a blog to continue on for the e-book. As an example, you won't a whole heck of a lot about 4K in the book, yet there is explanations of how I did 4K before it even became prevalent. But it really makes no difference. The fundamentals haven't changed regarding content delivery, type of content etc. 

2. Stock footage agencies listing - Yes. This has changed in regards to what I write towards the end of the book. But have no fear. You can find out more about the better agencies that have truly progressed over the last couple of years as well as some that are no longer. 

3. As I said, the fundamentals of filming, photographing, producing, illustrating and all that great creative stuff has not changed, and most likely will never change. What changed or always will change, for the better we hope, are the tools. Whether equipment or software, they are getting so much more powerful. But always remember; it's the person behind the use of such equipment and tools that makes it all happen. 
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